ÀṢẸ Beauty (pronounced AH SHAY) is a collection of high-performing, clean beauty products, especially for women of color.  We are inspired by the West African philosophical concept through which one can conceive the power to make things happen and produce change.  Our mission is to join you on your beauty journey by offering clean, luxurious beauty products that enhance your look without compromising your well being or the well-being of your community.    Each of us has the “power to create change”, for ourselves and for our world. It may all just start with a little lipstick…and the confidence to know that we are indeed beautiful.   We support your personal expression of power through our mission of authentic clean beauty.     What is clean beauty? Clean beauty is a growing movement for creating skin care and beauty products with ingredients scientifically assessed to ensure they do not pose a risk to human health or the environment. Our commitment to clean beauty and sustainability We are of mindful of our business and product choices.  We consider the impact on the environment, our community, and each of you!  We are committed to making the best possible choices: safe and simple ingredients, sustainable packaging and responsible sourcing, with the goal of making incredibly beautiful product. We value:

  • Education
  • Transparency
  • Safe, simple and naturally derived ingredients
  • Product responsibility
  • Supply chain responsibility
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