We are founded on community, and as such believe giving to communities, organizations and individuals is integral to our mission.  We are honored to be partnered with community minded organizations now and in the future.



Who is IWES?

The Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies (IWES) is dedicated to improving the mental, physical and spiritual health and quality of life for women, their families and communities of color, particularly among marginalized populations, using community-engaged research, programs, training and advocacy. Founded in 1993, IWES is a national non-profit health organization domiciled in New Orleans. Many people of color and their families in the Greater New Orleans area do not have access to programs that address their full mental, emotional and physical health. This prevents people in our city from living fully healthy lives and weakens our communities. Because of this, IWES works with communities, schools, individuals and organizations to provide tailored health and wellness services that address this lack of health options and access. They combine advocacy, health education, research and direct services to improve wellness in local communities. IWES envisions a world wherein all people can live and create environments and communities where health and wellness are valued and promoted so as to enhance quality of life.