Spring is always a season of new beginnings. The time of year where so much around us is changing and transforming. This spring, that feeling is amplified as we navigate through a global pandemic. While there are so many parts of our lives that feel uncertain right now, there are still many ways that we can use this season as an opportunity to change our lives for the better. 

A clean lifestyle is one of the best ways to take power and control of your health and life. And for women of color, especially, this is important now more than ever. But making major life changes isn’t always easy. If you’ve ever set a challenging goal or tried to learn a new skill, you know how overwhelming it can be. 

That’s why we envision clean living as a journey rather than a destination.

It isn’t necessary to throw away all your makeup, drastically change your diet, and cut out your favorite activities overnight or even altogether. Instead, approach clean living in baby steps. Committing to small actions that help you live a little cleaner each day. 


  1. Change your mindset. Whether you’ve been curious about clean living or never considered it in your life, the transition to clean starts in your mind. As the current pandemic has shown, traditional ways of thinking and living aren’t always best so spend some time adjusting your mindset and understanding what cleaning living is. Follow women of color in clean beauty, explore resources like our #CleanConversations, and join communities of like-minded people to learn how you can apply clean living in your life. 

  2. Take inventory. As you begin your journey to clean, this is a great moment to reflect on your current lifestyle. Think about the areas of your life you’ve been wanting to improve. Pay attention to things that bring you joy and things that make you feel discomfort. Whether it’s food, activities, or habits, this reflection can provide a great starting point as you decide where and how to start your journey. 

  3. Make a plan. Saying you want to make a transition to clean beauty is only half of the work. Making a plan is a great way to break down what feels like a big change into smaller steps. Pick two or three areas to focus on first and set simple goals for change. Maybe you love beauty, but your makeup collection is less than clean. Start with one product at a time. Swap out your lipstick with an ASE Beauty Trio and start incorporating some clean beauty habits to your daily routine. 



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