Detox has become the new trend associated with fresh pressed juices and herbs that purge the body of undesired toxins. But outside of these concoctions, how do we detoxify our bodies from the many harmful chemicals that we are exposed to everyday through our air, water, food and personal care products? A juice cleanse is simply not enough and it is important to take other steps in lessening our chemical toxic load.

Here are 5 ways to detox and put you on the pathway of living your healthiest life.

  1. Switch to safer/cleaner cosmetics and personal care products free of harmful/potentially harmful ingredients. 

    * Great app for checking toxicity of products: EWG Healthy Living App

  2. Decrease processed foods and buy organic whenever possible. 

  3. Decrease use of plastics and use glass/stainless steel containers for food storage. 

  4. Create a shoe-free home environment (you carry in the most amount of toxins on the bottom of your shoes).

  5. Invest in a home water filtration system.

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