3 ways to celebrate National Lipstick Day

  1. Snap a selfie while rocking your favorite lipstick

When you post your selfie to Instagram, be sure to name the shade and the brand. Bonus points for tagging three Beauty Besties and @ASEBeautyco so we can join in your Lipstick Day fun.

ASE Beauty’s Power of Lipstick Trio is the perfect gift for the on-the-go Beauty. Our set of 3 mini lippies provide buildable coverage, a moisturizing satin finish, and contain clean ingredients. Ambition, Power, and Emerge fit into the smallest clutch and most eyewear cases.

  1. Show your lips some TLC

Purse your lips. Are they moisturized and kissable or crackled and crying? Of course, you should be caring for your lips daily, but especially on a holiday that celebrates lips. So, drink your water, cleanse with a nourishing lip scrub, and heal your lips by hydrating them with a luscious lip mask. 

No! Don’t just go for any ole lip balm or gloss and a tired washcloth. Your lips deserve ASE Beauty’s moisturizing overnight lip mask and nourishing lip scrub. Our lip scrubs come in 4 delicious flavors (blue raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry).

  1. Pucker up!

Pull your lovers, Beauty Bestie, or fur babies close and plant a big wet one on them. #Respectfully #Consensually

Psst, save 20% on ASE Beauty’s Lip Kit bundle (mini trio, lip scrub, and lip mask)


Stay Beautiful,

Onicia & the ASE Beauty Team

Instagram: @ASEBeautyco

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